Children's Rights

Overview CRNSA Strategic Plan

Introducing the CRNSA 2015-2019 Strategic Plan

The CRNSA Strategic Plan focuses on five thematic areas:

  • Capacity building and strengthening
  • Research, lobbying and  advocacy
  • Communication and  information dissemination
  • Child Rights monitoring, evaluation and  reporting
  • Organisational development

These goals inform our five strategic outcomes:

Outcome 1: National Child Rights networks in Southern Africa strengthened and supported to effectively promote and protect the rights of children

Key Results

  1. Vibrant national child rights networks with sound corporate governance systems operational in Southern Africa
  2. Increased sharing of experiences at national, regional and international levels by CRNSA partners
  3. Increased resource base (human and financial) of national child rights networks in Southern Africa
  4. Knowledge and skills in child rights instruments among national child rights networks and member states improved
  5. National child rights networks effectively engaging with human rights mechanisms at country level and regional level through CRNSA


Outcome 2: Improved social, economic and policy environment for the promotion, protection and fulfillment of children’s rights in Southern Africa

 Key Results

  1. Gaps and challenges on children’s rights identified, documented and remedial strategies and
  2. interventions developed and implemented by CRNSA members and their respective state parties
  3. International and regional child rights protocols domesticated and commitments observed by all
  4. member states
  5.  A SADC Child Rights Protocol developed & adopted all member states
  6. Child rights governance frameworks and mechanisms established with adequate resources
  7. Increased resource allocation by member states for child focused national and local budget votes
  8. Improved documentation of ‘best practices’ and knowledge management by CRNSA partners


Outcome 3: Mechanisms for effective and timely communication of the regional network’s programs and activities established and maintained

 Key Results

  1. CRNSA communication and information dissemination strategy produced
  2.  Key communication and information dissemination technologies in place
  3.  Increased sharing of experiences at national, regional and international by CRNSA partners
  4.  A continuous and systematic mechanism of collecting, collation dissemination of child rights information in place


Outcome 4: States parties in SADC are compliant to regional, continental and international child rights protocols

 Key Results

  1. Continuous and systematic mechanism for child rights monitoring established
  2.  Member states produce periodic status reports on children’s rights policy and
  3.  State parties meet their reporting and accountability requirements to international and regional bodies on child rights
  4.  Readily available and up to date information on the state of children’s rights in Southern African countries


Outcome 5: An effective regional child rights network for Southern Africa is established

 Key Results

  1.  Joint programs with SADC and other regional child rights stakeholders established
  2.  Observer status to treaty bodies like the ACERWC and the UNCRC obtained
  3.  MOUs signed with all the members for effective participation
  4.  CRNSA registered with the secretariat fully established with but not limited to the following:
  • All key positions in the secretariat filled
  • Fully resourced offices
  • A monitoring and evaluation framework established
  • Administrative and operational guidelines in place


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